SLG’s Powerful New Sparta™ Sports Light Ushers in a New Era in Outdoor Sports Lighting


Spring Lighting Group, a veteran OEM luminaire manufacturer which has been producing an extensive line of popular, specification-grade LED luminaires under the ‘SLG’ brand for several years, is proud to announce the introduction of its new Sparta™ Sports Light, a powerful, highly-efficient, and controllable LED luminaire that sets a new standard of performance in professional outdoor sports lighting.

Offered in 380-820-Watt versions that deliver 50,000-105,000 lumens (over 15% more lumen output than competing products), the Sparta Sports Light features a dynamically designed thermal management system that efficiently dissipates heat to greatly increase the lifespan of the luminaire. Thanks to effective light transmittance and highly controlled optics, the Sparta Sports Light minimizes glare, wasted light, and light spill/pollution to optimally support the unique needs of athletes and spectators with minimal intrusion to occupants in surrounding areas. The Sparta Sports Light is further compatible with Synapse Gateway Control, enabling easy scheduling and dimming functionality to support a flexible and user-friendly experience.

Easy to install in existing stadiums and arenas, SLG’s Sparta Sports Light is available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures to deliver the utmost in visual acuity and is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to 122°F) to ensure reliable operation in even the most inclement weather. Delivering high efficacy of up to 130 lumens per watt, the Sparta Sports Light is DLC Premium-pending, enhancing its eligibility for utility rebates nationwide, and can deliver as much as a decade of reliable and maintenance-free operation.

Available with a 10-year limited warranty, SLG’s new family of Sparta Sports Lights will soon be expanded to include NEMA 3 and NEMRA 4 versions as well.

With over 20 years of experience producing luminaires for some of the industry’s most renowned fixture brands, SLG proudly designs and manufacturers its housings, reflectors, lenses, drivers, and LED boards in its own factories and assembles and ships fixtures from its Houston-based headquarters. SLG’s high-quality components include Lumileds diodes, Fulham battery backup units, Wattstopper motion sensors, and Inventronics LED drivers, and its expert engineering and customer service teams are readily available to provide lighting design and layout assistance for any project as well as same-day shipping on all orders received before noon.

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