Italian Lighting Designers Trust Peters Products


Aesthetics is one thing, safety and quality another: For the lighting design company LED ITALY, both is relevant. This is why the company with roots in Northern Italy has been relying on ELPECAST® casting compounds for their LED strips for years. Developed by Peters Research, these products protect LED ITALY’s lighting installations. The developer of LED lighting products trusts in this quality. When it comes to sealing and coating, the Italians rely 100 % on made in Germany for their luminaires and LED components.
Precisely, the product Wepuran VT 3402 KK-NV is used by LED ITALY in different versions. This polyurethane resin from Peters Research insulates in the fields of electronics, sensor technology and lighting electronics from extreme weather conditions and aggressive media such as alkalis, acids and various chemicals.

LED illuminations are protected by Peters ELPECAST® casting compounds against environmental influences. The photo shows the lakeside park of the Sheraton Hotel on Lake Como.

Maximum level of protection

Guiseppe Malivindi, CEO at LED ITALY, points to his top product Luce Flex High Line. According to Malivindi, this LED line of 16 x 19 mm with vertical flexibility and a large beam angle is  impressively presented in the ensemble of the Sheraton Hotel on Lake Como. Encapsulated with opaque resin, the Led strips of the High Line collection create a uniform light diffusion while reaching the high IP68 protection level by the same token.
This makes the LED strips ideally suited for outdoor environments. The Luce Flex collection makes both the hotel building and the adjacent lakeside park shine “in an enchanting light”. Malivindi: “Elegant outdoor lounges are created in the lush vegetation of the garden, generating an even more exclusive atmosphere at sunset.”

Crystal-clear casting compound

An impression that Dr. Stefano Falletti from the Peters Italia team can definitely underline. It is not just the industry’s leader LED ITALY that trusts, for Bella Italia and other regions of Southern Europe, the crystal-clear ELPECAST® casting compounds suitable for both rigid and flexible LED strips.

Ten years of Peters Italia

Within exactly ten years since Peters has incorporated its branch in Italy, the product Wepuran VT 3402 KK-NV has enjoyed increasing popularity among customers relying on high-quality coatings for their high-tech electronics. This Is confirmed by Dr Falletti: “Annual sales grow at double-digit rates.”

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