Highly intensive LED-UV curing – reliable and efficient


At the upcoming Bondexpo, hall 6, booth 6420, UV expert Hönle presents their high-end LED-UV systems which are used for a multitude of bonding and casting applications all over the world. The focus lies on highly intensive LED curing systems for larger areas.

One of the show highlights is the air-cooled LED Spot 100 IC. Due to its LED assembly and its electronic power control, LED Spot 100 IC guarantees a highly intensive, homogeneous UV irradiation. The light is emitted through an aperture of about 100 mm x 100 mm, but the irradiated area can easily be enlarged by changing the distance between LED-UV unit and substrate. For still larger irradiation areas, several LED Spots 100 IC can be connected without gaps.

LED Spot 100 IC is available in two performance variants. The maximum intensity of the basic version lies at 1,500 mW/cm², the high-power version LED Spot 100 HP IC reaches a maximum of 3,000 mW/cm² – for a full
curing within seconds.

In addition, Hönle presents their LED Powerline AC/IC HP. This extremely compact air-cooled high-performance LED-UV array reaches

intensities up to 16,000 mW/cm². Its LED assembly leads to an optimum irradiation, a gapless connection of several Powerlines is possible.

Both LED-UV curing systems offer LED failure detection and comprehensive monitoring functions and thus guarantee highest possible process reliability. Reproducible results and shortest cycle-times can be realized, especially in fully automated production lines.
For electronic supply and control of these LED-UV units you can use the plug & play option LED powerdrive IC or an external power supply and interface control provided by the user.

With Convey LED Hönle has developed a brand-new conveyor system for the use in small series or laboratory which is specially tailored to the demands of LED-UV applications. When used with air-cooled LED units by Hönle, these devices can easily be controlled via the conveyor system.

Convey LED can be equipped with water-cooled LED systems, as well.

Visit us at Bondexpo, hall 6, booth 6420.

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