ABchimie42K-UV LED


Electronics plays a key role in progress and innovation: information system, prevention, alert, measurement … The components used must be reliable and therefore be protected. In this case, the soft resin is often your best ally!

After several years of research and development, ABchimie has developed a new flexible resin, high viscosity called ABchimie42K-UV LED. As the name suggests, it has the particularity of polymerizing in seconds under UV LED exposure, more ecological and economical than mercury lamp drying. It is the ideal alternative for the replacement of silicones and polyurethane resins for fastening and protection of components. This flexible single-component resin does not contain VOC (volatile organic compound) and adheres to many substrates such as PCBs, plastics …. It can be applied in thick thickness to provide local protection against damp environments, high electrical voltages …

ABchimie 42K-UV LED resin is used to protect itself from:
– Dust, in forklift battery chargers
– Vibrations, high electric pressure
– Very humid environments.

Deposited in manual or dispensing machine, the 42K-UV LED resin allows ultra fast processes.

ABchemie 42K-UV LED is the perfect equation between high protection, productivity gain and responsible innovation.

Since 2004, ABchimie formulates, manufactures and distributes solutions of protection and cleaning of cards and electronic circuits.

Focus on LED DRYING:

• More ecological and economical
• No infrared
• No ozone release
• Ignition and extinction IMMEDIATS
• Lamps

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