Micro-LED Market 2022 – LED Foundries And Brand Customers Are Poised As Significant Growth Drivers In The Industry


Consumer Electronics devices of today as much as TV, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets can’t do without a display panel and a digital read-out. The LED display panel is a power-efficient device that gives a systematic digital read-out and ups the performance ante of consumer electronic devices greatly. An increasing demand for a device producing high luminescence with significant power-savings and near-to-eye display radiance is one of the initiating reasons for micro-LED market to gain prominence. Furthermore, increasing participation from consumer electronics giants such as SONY and APPLE in leveraging consumer interest for these devices has garnered significant attention for micro-LED devices. Segmentation of micro-LED market by offering includes display panel and lighting devices. Segmentation of micro-LED market by application includes smart watch, NTE devices, smartphone and tablets, laptops and PC monitor, HUD, digital signage display, lighting.

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Segmentation by region includes North America, Europe, Asia pacific, MEA and Latin America. North America is the largest consumer of micro-LED devices expressing marked interest in adoption of display and lighting technologies in varied segments such as consumer electronics, retail and education sectors. Burgeoning population coupled with a flourishing consumer electronics sector has infused growth in micro-LED devices in Asia pacific regions such as India, Japan, China and South Korea. A growing ensemble of various display panel manufacturers, LED foundries and brand customers are poised as significant growth drivers in micro-LED industry. News has it that micro-LED market aims to bring down the exorbitant cost in LCD supply-chain navigation of components including BLU, polarizer and other cost-provoking components that reaches $30-40billion dramatically. Technically speaking, micro-LED industry as it were to topple LCD display industry, LED display market would require being in-focus with driver solutions, micro-LED chips and mass-transfer process to bolster the LED devices storming the market.

Traditional display devices are 3x or4x cheaper than micro-LED devices. Hence some cost-cutting and yield-raising in chip manufacture and production techniques will have to be implemented to bring the projected cost down. LED devices are a step further in boosting technological upgrades with its market entry following LCD and OLED display panels. micro-LED devices are definitely en-route to more diverse application suites such as VR devices, AR projection, optical sensors and fingerprint recognition. Joint-ventures in micro-LED market will increase R&D efforts infinitely putting developers in quandary and no result in sight. Sony Corp. has created market euphoria with Crystal LED integrated structure (CLEDIS) displays. This technology gave an unblemished performance on all performance indices including brightness, resolution and contrast.

Key industry players in micro-LED market include –

  • Apple, Inc.,
  • Sony Corp,
  • Oculus VR,
  • VerLase Technologies LLC,
  • X-Celeprint Ltd.,
  • Ostendo Technologies, Inc.,
  • Cooledge Lighting Inc.,
  • Aledia, GLO AB,
  • Rohinni LLC,
  • Epistar Corp.

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