MD-SIG integrates into the Zhaga consortium


Zhaga and MD-SIG are pleased to announce that they have agreed to align their efforts and to proceed as a single organisation under the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga members have access to the former MD-SIG specifications as part of their Zhaga membership.

The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) is a global lighting industry consortium, with the aim to introduce standardized multi-vendor electrical interfaces between LED control gear and modules as the missing link essential to the maturity of SSL components business. The Zhaga Consortium is a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires.

In spring 2019, the Zhaga Consortium and the MD-SIG entered into a dialogue to explore the possibility of aligning their standardization activities. In summer 2019 the organizations agreed that it was best to harmonize their efforts. Following the decision to integrate MD-SIG into Zhaga, MD-SIG has started operating as a Zhaga Working Group per October 2019. Participation in this Working Group and access to its deliverables is henceforward arranged via Zhaga membership.

“MD-SIG members have been very successful in their standardization work,” says Dee Denteneer, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium. “The integration will bring a clearer and stronger voice to the market and we look forward to promote their specifications globally under the Zhaga brand. The integration also brings a new set of competences to the Zhaga Consortium, enabling Zhaga to even better deliver on its interoperability promise.”

As part of the integration, the MD-SIG specifications have been adopted as Zhaga specifications:

– Zhaga Book 24: “NFC programming interface”, specifying a digital, wireless programming approach using near-field communication (NFC);

– Zhaga Book 23: “LEDset information interface” describing an analogue interface allowing basic communication between an LED control gear and one or more LED modules;

– Zhaga Book 22: “LEDset power interface” describing driving capabilities like voltage, current and power ranges of LED control gears and respective LED module operating requirements.

Because of the integration, Regular and Associate Members of the Zhaga Consortium have immediate access to the MD-SIG specifications as Zhaga Books 22, 23, and 24; the LEDset power and information interface specifications were already published and continue to be available through Zhaga, via the Community Membership, as Books 22 and 23.

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