Compact UV LED Light Engine for Flood Curing Equipment Can be Used Alone or in Arrays for Large Field Area Irradiation


Innovations in Optics, Inc. offers the LumiBright™ UV-LED Light Engine Model 2990B-100 designed for UV flood curing systems to cure large parts or many small parts simultaneously. The light engine can be used alone or placed in tiled arrays to provide large area coverage. The 2990B-100 is intended for use within OEM equipment or integrated into automated assembly systems for photocuring of light-curable adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, gaskets, maskants and potting compounds. Other applications include UV curing of photoresist and solder masks for printed circuit boards and inkjet curing of printed electronics.

All LumiBright UV-LED Light Engines feature UV LED die arrays on MCPCB substrates manufactured with proprietary techniques that enhance thermal performance to support high current density operation. With active cooling, a single Model 2990B-100 provides an extremely uniform irradiance field of 50 mm x 50 mm with a flux density up to 500 mW/cm2. Three standard versions are available with UV LED wavelengths centered near 365 nm, 385 nm and 405 nm. Additional LED curing wavelengths of 395 nm and 435 nm are also available upon request.

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