Common methods for LED line light design


LED line lights can be divided into indoor and outdoor line lights. It is a decorative lighting fixture suitable for indoor or outdoor, partial or outline lighting. Today, CL Lighting glad to talk about the installation for indoor line lights. There are about three ways for installation indoor line lights: neat alignment, modeling, and disorganized. Different installation methods with their own characteristics and advantages, pls check the following for details.

1, Neat alignment installation

The LED line lights are used for office lighting oftenly. The atmosphere for the office should be formal, serious and solemn. Therefore, the installation for the led line lights in the office should be neatly arranged, which can give people a sense of simplicity. When the visitors enter the office they will have a good impression for the company.

The LED line lights can be installed neatly in the middle of the top in the office, or arranged according to the space. Please try to make the light and brightness as uniform as possible in the office, to create a comfortable and healthy office lighting environment.

2, Modeling installation

The modeling installation is based on the requirements of the customers, and creates different modelings consciously when installing the line lights to show the personality of different spaces. For example, the line lights in the picture below installed to be many combined quadrangles on the top of the space, adding a sense of science and technology in the space, which is full of creativity, sparking with the retro style of decoration.

3, Disorganized installation

As shown in the above figure, to install the line lights on the top of the the rest area with disorganized or random arrangement, the showing effect not feels uncomfortable, but unique and warm. The line lights look like a bird’s nest from a distance. It is also a kind of relaxation for the eyes to see such disorganized arrangement of lamps when taking a break, while seeing many regular things at work.

After reading the above introduction by CL Lighting, different installation methods with different styles for the LED line lights, which one you prefer to? You can take for reference when decorating houses!

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