The LED lighting project of the National Gallery Singapore



The National Gallery Singapore is an historic building recently enlighted by Lighting Planners Associateslighting design. For their LED lighting project, IALD – the international association of lightinm design, assigned it Award of Merit in IALD Awards 2017.

The LED lighting project

The National Gallery Singapore is a unique symbiosis of two large colonial buildings: the Former Supreme Court and the City Hall, housing a large collection of art. The building is not a typical art gallery, requiring lighting that was both sensitive and able to showcase the artworks on display in a strong historical narrative. The lighting intent is restrained, emphasizing a soft layering of light, and concealed discreetly within the architectural details. In order to allow a unique “human experience”.

On the façade, the horizontality of the building is emphasized by narrow beam LED uplights that draw the eye to cornices and architraves. From afar, layered light creates a subtle contrast between the columns of the architecture and the façade. The façade window shades are uplit to create a soft internal glow. Lighting for the gallery interiors is a combination of vertical illumination and accent light, with a maximum of 30% daylight penetration.

The choice of the correct LED system

Significant research went into selecting the correct LED system for this application. Key criteria were studied and tested in mockups, including uniformity (for a soft homogenous wall wash), perceived color temperature and color rendering, flicker and blue wavelength peaking, glare control and spill light, and future flexibility in changing exhibits. The team opted for an older generation of LED phosphor that offered better natural color rendering compared to more current generation.

Being two civic landmarks, the project was filled with old decorative lighting fixtures. The team lovingly restored these and retrofitted them with E27 based LED lamps. These pendants and chandeliers coexist with the direct and indirect lighting solutions of glareless downlights, cove lights and wall washers. Designers also selected a highly complex network of dimmers including phase control to DALI track lighting. Fixtures are dimmable and controllable by group, allowing to achieve the desired balance of light.

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